mission & goals

Our Mission:

To support the growth and development of all aspects of the hemp industry.

How we accomplish this mission:

  1. Educate our community
  2. Standardize our community
  3. Deliver a network of end product users
  4. Drive the need for hemp products
  5. Lobby for or against laws & regulations
  6. Stay on the leading edge of hemp technologies
  7. Defeat the stigma of hemp
  8. Deliver a public recognizable certification
  9. Develop an area to market hemp related products for Brokers
  10. Grow brand recognition for our Broker Community

Our Goals:

– Provide the first Code of Ethics within the Hemp Industry
– Set standards for our community through education
– Provide a Certification process based on our education, and Code of Ethics. This will give the public to benchmark for Brokers within the hemp community.
– Educate our community
– Support our community through fighting for rules and regulations that affect our community.

Opportunites & Challenges

Currently, the infrastructure to process raw hemp is limited throughout the United States. Currently, the United States imports a majority of its Hemp Fiber, Hemp Hurd, and Hemp Seeds for use in various industries. These products that use hemp range from health food, cosmetics, and construction materials. The American market represents roughly 90% of the worldwide market for hemp products which is approximately $620 million retail in the U.S. annually and has a history of ~10% growth per year.

The United States has the ability to create production and processing facilities for hemp that will create thousands of jobs and encourage investments. Building this infrastructure to process and sustain this new industry will require considerable investment. Educating the public about hemp, its history and uses will also be very important as we in the industry lay the foundations for investments and building this sustainable industry.

The American Hemp Brokers Association represents:
Hemp farmers, Hemp Processors, Hemp Manufacturers, Hemp Start-Up Businesses, Entrepreneurial Hemp Endeavors, and Hemp Retailers.

We strive to develop a viable hemp economy while equipping people with education about hemp and providing expert knowledge to producers and brokers entering the hemp industry.

Contact info

  • Based out of Lincoln, Nebraska
  • 1 866-GROW HEMP
  • info@theahba.org

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